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Your Seasons of Change

It is 5 o'clock in the morning as I sit here and write this weeks' Blog. I went to bed last night with the dreams of springtime, and gardening, and maybe new editions to the farm bouncing through my mind, and this morning I woke to a snow-covered landscape.

Ok, maybe I was jumping the gun a little based on what a furry rodent said, but I was hopeful with the way things had been going. The weather had been mild, the snow was almost completely gone from our fields, and we had a raging river of runoff water streaming down the middle of the driveway. This had to mean that spring was just days away.

Dreams can be funny that way though. One day we can think we are on the cusp of them coming true and then the next moment they are snatched away from us. I know, a little melodramatic, but hey that's how I roll.

So what do we do when things like this happen? No, I'm not talking about the snow, I know I'll need to grab a shovel and get to work. I'm talking about when the things we've been dreaming about slip away. Just like the weather has shifted, our perspectives have to shift as well. We need to realize that not every missed dream is a bad thing.

Sometimes when we miss out on achieving or attaining a goal it means that we weren't really prepared for it, and preparation is one of the keys to success. Having time to reset, refocus and replan can be just what we need to make real, measurable progress that lasts. I have definitely had examples of this in my own life over the last week.

I have personally been on a journey to improve my health over the last two months. I wake up in the mornings at 5 am so that I have time to work out, read, meditate, and give myself a Reiki treatment (something new I've trained on). I have found that how I anchor down the beginning of my day has a profound effect on how the rest of my day goes. Overall, I am feeling more settled and grounded, and can feel the positive effects on my body.

Unfortunately, the scale isn't being as supportive as I had hoped. I stepped on yesterday morning and had only lost 2 lbs. I'm not going to lie, I shed a couple of tears at my perceived injustice and was graciously comforted by my husband who proceeded to extol the virtues of my hard work, and of how proud of me he was for my commitment to bettering my life. Then he went on to remind me that if I hadn't been doing the workouts I'd probably be over 200 lbs by now. Men, they're so sweet, lol.

I hadn't been prepared mentally for how I would feel if the scale didn't match my efforts. I was certain of my success, and that my friends, is always the kiss of death. Certainty will kill your dreams faster than almost anything. We need to prepare for failure. We need to prepare for disappointments. They are as naturally occurring, as snow in February.

What can you do to prepare for missed goals? Giving them consideration is the first step. Understanding that missing a goal, or a milestone, or a number on a scale, doesn't mean that the journey is over. It means that you need to objectively look at what you are doing. Measure and acknowledge the progress that you have made, and most of all, be compassionate to yourself. What would you say to a friend who had set a goal and missed it? You would be encouraging and supportive I'm sure, so take the time to do the same for yourself.

Then it's time to get back to work. Maybe you need to look objectively at what it is you're going after. Is your "Why" big enough. Is what you are working for meaningful enough to keep you going, even when you aren't seeing the result you want/ If it is, where do you need to make changes to see the progress you desire? How can you better prepare and set yourself up for success?

So, what can you do to prepare yourself today? That is a fantastic question to ponder. For myself, as it is now 6:15 am and the dogs want to go romp in the snow, I will put on my coat and boots, grab my shovel, and think about the things that need to be done around the homestead to prepare for spring, and I'll enjoy the opportunity to get a little extra exercise in while I'm preparing.

Happy February folks, Spring is just around the corner, as is the season of rebirth and new beginnings. Time to get prepared!

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