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I listened to an amazing Podcast last night, and it made me want to send out one last reminder email about the 2022 Ignite Your Life Workshop. There are only 2 days left to purchase your tickets for this years event, and I didn't want you to miss out.

I decided last night as I was making dinner to put on a podcast and as I was unsuccessfully searching for Brene Browns podcast I did discover Oprah Winfreys' Super Soul Podcast. I was searching for something that I felt drawn to when I noticed an episode entitled "Transform Your Life with Bishop T.D. Jakes."

Now I definitely wasn't looking for a full on sermon, but what I received was some extremely life changing messages that I wanted to share with you.

As someone who has been on a personal development journey for almost 3 decades, many of his lessons reached out to me.

  1. Personal Development is like an apple. You have to get to your Core to create change and there's only 2 ways to get there: A) Cut to it or B) Rot to it. What this means is that if you don't actively choose to do the work necessary to create a better life, then slowly overtime your life will get you to a place where the choice is taken away and you are forced to change.

  2. You have to peel away all the things you had to be in order to get to what you were meant to be. Sometimes because of circumstances out of control, we have to become people who do or say things that aren't in alignment with the way we want to live. You must take a close look at you life and peel off what you had to be, and look at who you truly want to be.

  3. Become a Student of Yourself: We tend to study so many things around us but don't invest the time in studying ourselves. Sometimes we need to take a step back and analyze our life, where we are and where we want to be, what got us here and what we need to change to get to a new place. Sometimes reflecting on other peoples lives will bring the awareness to us that we are missing.

  4. Stop thinking from a Place of Pain: The longer you spend thinking about all the past hurts and wrongs that have occurred in your life, the longer you will stay trapped there. If Today does a Roll Call, you won't be there because you are Present in your Past. It's time to step out of your History and into your Destiny.

  5. Your are not defined by what is happening around you, but what is happening within you. Create an Anchor within yourself that will hold you firm during the Storms of Life. Choose to surround yourself with others who will uplift and support you. Remember that you will draw people to you who Mirror how you feel about yourself. If you don't love and respect yourself, you will draw people in who do not love and respect you. This means that you need to be careful what you choose to nurture.

One of the most important things that we can gift ourselves is the opportunity to fill our cups to overflowing. The opportunity to surround ourselves with a community of others who are choosing to put themselves first, so that they can give to others is imperative to our Growth and Evolution, and that is what makes the Ignite Your Life Workshop so special. We are a community, a family, of individuals who know that to become the person we want to be we have to do the work and I hope that you will step up, and go all in on the life you desire.

Tickets are available at until Midnight Friday October 7th. We hope to see you there and join you on your journey to a new life.

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