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Are You Living in Freedom?

This has been an extremely busy couple of weeks in my life. I have had my mother in law temporarily move in and I held my first ever Workshop this last weekend, so I put last weeks Blog on hold to concentrate on ensuring everything was ready for the weekend. Then in the middle of this week we celebrated Remembrance Day, a day that reflects on the sacrifices that so many made in order to ensure that we could live in Freedom.

As I sat at home trying to catch up on all of the things that I had let slide over the past couple months, now that I had time to focus on them, I reflected on Freedom, and how much we take it for granted and how many people are still struggling to find it.

We live in an amazing world where the majority of the population has the freedom to work a career of their choice, they are free to vote, marry who they want, and pursue their goals and dreams. I also realize though that there is a lot of people who are shackled and held in bondage though, not out in the world, but in their minds.

After spending the weekend with some amazing people, the spotlight was shone on the fact that we spend so much of our lives trapped in a never ending thought process that does nothing to lead us to freedom, but holds us back. We are our own jailers and our own evil dictators, We torture ourselves day after day with the messages that we send to ourselves. Our minds will produce 80,000 thoughts in a day and 65,000 of those are negative, so we are facing a non-stop onslaught of negativity.

So how do we work on freeing ourselves from our self-imposed prisons. Well, like all things, awareness is the first step to freedom. Taking time to honestly reflect on your life is the first step. Where are you feeling trapped, what negative self talk and behaviours are you repeating. Define what your definition of Freedom is, what is it that you want. Once you have answers to some of these questions, then it is time to get to work.

So how do you break free from your prison and gain your freedom

Step 1 - Get honest with yourself on where you are and why you're there.

No jail break ever takes place without a lot of digging, so it is imperative that you start digging into understanding why you are allowing yourself to be held captive. What beliefs, or stories are you repeating to yourself that justify why you are or aren't doing the things you are doing? What messages are you holding on to, and why are you holding on to them? Like in all areas of our lives Radical Honesty is necessary on the path to Freedom.

Step 2 - Design your map of where it is you want to be

Like all journeys in life, you do not often stumble upon the place where you want to be. You decide where you are going, and then you chart your course.

Step 3 - Devise your escape plan

Now that you know where you are going, it's time to figure out the steps that you will have to take to get there. This is when you develop your action plan.

Step 4 - Enlist the help of a co conspirator

Life is always easier when you have a partner or co conspirator, so enlist the help of someone who has already attained their freedom. Find a mentor, hire a coach, or find a support group.

Step 5 - Work like your life depends on it, because it does!

We are only give one life to live, so you must decide whether you are going to live your life, chained down in bondage by your mind and the past experiences and messages you hold on to, that you cannot change, or are you going to embrace this incredible life that you have been given, and live it to the fullest in Joy and Freedom? The good and the bad thing is either way it's your choice. Now is the time to choose something better, because you deserve it.

Let us not let their sacrifices go unacknowledged, and let us not waste the Freedoms that they so bravely fought and died for.

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