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Are you a Howler or a Growler

So how have you been feeling this week. Have you been noticing that you are a little more on edge, more anxious, or just break into tears over the slightest thing. Do you feel like maybe you're going just a little bit crazy?

If so my friend then you are not alone and guess what, we can thank that big old moon up there for the rollercoaster that we've been on.

As someone who worked part time in her youth in a seniors care facility, I remembering hearing the horror stories from Care Aides over the effects that the Full Moon would have on people. I wasn't sure whether or not they were trying to scare little old me, or whether in fact this was truth. As I got older, and started working as a bartender, I saw a distinct correlation between the Full Moon and the behaviors of people. (Always ask for the Full Moon off!)

So what is this crazy relationship that we have with the moon?

Since the beginning of time, humans have revered the moon. It was celebrated and even worshipped. It dictated whether you would stay safe at home locked up in states of reflection during the darkness of the New Moon, or whether you would venture out at night in the light of the Full Moon and join those around you in celebration. It would even be used to determine when the final crops would be harvested for the season.

So what is the cause of the moons affects on us. Well lets be honest, there have been many scientific studies done on the moons relationship to the human body, and though there is no definitive proof of it's affects they have observed many common complaints.

  1. Reduced Sleep: many people report that their sleeping patterns are negatively affected during the Full Moon

  2. Emotions are amplified: you experience states of anxiety and mania, everything feels overstimulated

  3. We are in the Lovers Moon: couples are in a state of heightened arousal or caught in Lovers Quarrels

  4. Violence Abounds: Police, psychiatric hospitals, and seniors home report increased agitation and violence during the full moon.

How is it possible that the moon could affect us so greatly? Well science doesn't have the answer but if we look at what the moon affects in our world we see that the lunar cycle impacts the Tides of the Oceans. It controls the ebb and flow of the water on this planet. When we reflect that the human body is comprised of 60% water, then we can see that it may be possible that it is affecting the ebb and flow of our emotions.

So how can we lessen the impact of the craziness we experience during the Lunar cycles:

- Become more mindful of your emotions and how your are feeling.

- Track the Lunar Cycles: the is an actual App for that for Iphones

- Journal how you are feeling during the different phases of the moon. It will allow you to see patterns.

- Once you are able to track your natural rhythms you are better able to work with them:

If you get cranky, anxious or emotional do things to relieve stress and calm yourself.

If you feel energized & social, get out there and surround yourself with people.

If you feel creative schedule some time to tap into those creative juices. Paint, write, draw, use the flow.

I myself will be thrilled to get tomorrows Full Moon over with, though probably not as thrilled as my husband, and into the cycle of the New Moon that brings an amazing period of reflection that encourages the setting of new goals, intentions, and allows you to focus on what you want to manifest for yourself.

So whether you're a Howler at the Moon or a Growler at the Moon, lets give some Love to that big old rock up there!

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