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4 Simple Steps to Conquer Fear

What if I told you that there was a very simple way to conquer your fear. I mean it's so simple that it only requires four steps. You would probably say that I'm crazy and that I don't know what it's like to be afraid of something. Boy would you be wrong.

Reality is, that most of the things that we hold onto fear of, aren't even based in reality. The word FEAR can be broken down into the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real. They are thoughts that we have allowed our minds to develop based on messages that we have received in our past. Many times the messages that we received were from within our sphere of influence. We were told by our parents, or siblings, or friends, or even social media that we are supposed to be frightened of something, so our minds convince us that there are legitimate threats involved. We allow this perceived fear to penetrate our minds so much that it can affect our day to lives.

There is a simple process for eradicating Fear that I learned at a weekend workshop. It was taught to me by a gentleman by the name of Sean Tyler Foley. I can say without a doubt that I followed his advice and my life changed dramatically. If you're ready for yours to change as well, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below. You will need a piece of paper, a pen, and some dice.

1. On a piece of paper write down the numbers 1 to 6.

2. Next write down beside each number something that scares you or makes you uncomfortable.

3. Next you will roll the dice, and whatever number comes up on the dice is the first thing on your list you are going to tackle. So if you roll a 4, then you are going to write #1 beside the fourth item on your list. Then you roll again. If you roll a 2, then you will write #2 beside that item, and then you will keep going until you have rolled every number on the dice and each fear has been assigned a number 1-6. What this is giving you is the order in which you will take action.

4. Next you are going to look at the item on your list that was the 1st number your rolled. Whatever that fear is, I want you write beside it one thing you could do to face that fear. So for me I was afraid of flying and heights, so I wrote down parachuting. Once you go through your list and have actions marked for each fear, this is where the shift happens. You are going to take ACTION. DO THE THING!! Simple right?

Ok, I know you are getting ready to delete this, thinking easier said then done, but the easiest, simplest and only way to conquer your fears, is through action. You must rewire you brain by proving that the fears that you hold are unnecessary.

This is an example of the list that I did up after that workshop. I listed my fears, I rolled the dice to decide the order they would go in, and I wrote down one action I could take. Strangely enough the only fear on that list remaining to be conquered is the Pedicure, but it's coming, and as a result of taking action on the fear of rejection, I asked someone out, and eight months later we were married. DO THE THING.

I know this may be a big step, so if it's too hard at first, then create a list that is more realistic. If jumping out of a plane right now seems unthinkable, then maybe charter a sightseeing tour. If standing up on stage seems impossible, then join a reading group where everyone has to read a portion of a book. The point is just to take action, because the more you take action the more you program your brain that you are an action taker. You learn to face fears even small ones, and once you have faced your smallest fears, you learn that sometimes their bark is worse than their bite.

Let me know what some of your fears are, and what actions you are going to take to overcome them.

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1 Comment

Lyn Cadence
Lyn Cadence
Apr 08, 2021

I love this. My version is "one day." The list is all the things I say I will do "one day." And then I declare a particular day, "one day." This is it! "One day has arrived. Then I schedule the next step and put it on the calendar and spend the day working on as much as I can to move it forward.

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