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Ready to Build a Bridge

So, we are almost half way through the first month of 2021. We are all probably slightly disappointed that things haven't magically gone back to the way they were before, and we are getting to the point where our determination is being tested.

We have had two weeks of working on our goals, and we may or may not be hitting a wall. This is the time where we have to decide how bad we actually want those goals that we set, and how hard we are willing to work for them. Maybe some of you haven't even taken the first steps of either setting and writing down your goals, and formulating an action plan to achieve them.

I recently finished a book by Brendon Burchard called the Motivation Manifesto. I was a fantastic book to start my year out with as it reinforced some key areas required for living your best life including:

- Reclaiming your agenda

- Practicing Joy & Gratitude

- Being fully Present and Mindful in our daily life

One quote from his book though had an impact on me. It said "The chasm between knowing and doing is the dark pit where people lose themselves." I realized how true this was in my own life as well as so many people I know. The fact of the matter is that most people know what it is that they should be doing in most areas of their lives. They know what they should be doing for their health, for their finances and for their relationships, but they struggle in the evolution from knowing to doing.

The more I pondered this quote and my own life, I realized that there were two things that seemed to be key to getting to the Doing stage and they are Desire and Belief. We can set all the goals that we want in life, but if these goals are not in true alignment with our desires, then chances are that we will not put in the required effort to make it happen.

The second reason is Belief. Do you really truly believe that you can achieve your goals? I mean do you really feel it deep in your soul that you are both Able ad Deserving to achieve them. If you do not have a deep seeded Belief in yourself then you will talk yourself out of putting in the necessary effort every time.

So if you are finding yourself wavering on your goals that you have set, I encourage you to work on figuring out whether you lack Desire or Belief. This may require you to honestly evaluate your goals and possibly rethink them. Once you determined where your true desires lie, and you know in your heart that you are capable of achieving them, then you can start building the bridge that you will need to cross that chasm between knowing and doing.

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