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Peek-a-boo, I See You!

How many days of our lives do we spend in a state of feeling invisible?

How authentically are we showing up in our relationships both with others and ourselves. Do we really see our true selves, or are we living a half truth life?

Society has encouraged people to become chameleons, to adapt themselves to be what others want, to do what is hip and cool in the moment and to live a cookie cutter kind of life.

While this may work in some situations in life, we become so accustomed to living according to others' metrics, that we live on auto-pilot without any thought or consideration to the person that we are actually on the inside.

So how do we teach ourselves to be Real? The simple answer is that you need to first get real with yourself. You can't be your true self until you know who that person really is. Radical honesty is critical in the path to to self-awareness and authenticity.

So what can you do to be more authentic in your daily life, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Start by taking a look a your value system, and whether or not you are living in alignment with it.

2. Create a state of Mindfulness in your relationships. Who you are being with the people in your life? What roles are you playing in each situation? Learn to be present in all situations.

3. Understand your limitations and stop trying to live outside of them in order to appease others. Do not be afraid to ask for help, and be open to honest criticism.

4. Spend time working on and building your self-esteem/confidence. When you become comfortable and confident in your own skin you will be less likely settle into the shadows, and will show up more authentically.

5. Trust your intuition. Understand that your subconscious picks up on situations far faster than you know, so if your gut is telling you that are living outside of yourself, you probably are.

6. BE YOU!!! You are an amazingly unique creation so Embrace that fact, and shine your light for the world to see. Remember that No one puts Baby in the Corner. LOL

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